Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New Fire- Mexican Cultural Mural

Photo by Jack Ramsdale

One of my (many) favorite murals in Philadelphia is by my friend and colleague Cesar Viveros-Herrera. This project is one of more than 3000 beautiful works of art created through the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program. His mural New Fire- Mexican Cultural Mural located at 223 W. Girard Avenue. The mural includes cement elements, horticulture and extentions. Its one of those works you have to see it in person to fully enjoy.

danza azteca philadelphia

This video that animates the mural, and connects it to place, culture and history. I think this project operates on many levels, using a multi-disciplinary approach to mural making. Yet another great example of the power and need for murals as we investigate how the arts play a role in revitilizing communities.

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