Friday, June 26, 2009

Long Live Northland Poster Collective!

It’s not often that I report on issues outside the world of community murals, but it seems that every day now history is being made. I was shocked and saddened to hear that after 30 years Northland Poster Collective is closing it’s doors. In the early 90’s I maintained a small office for the Alliance for Cultural Democracy (ACD) at the collective. I would help out here and there as needed in between ACD tasks. The collective has produced numerous designs for progressive causes over the years, and you will still be able to purchase some of them after the storefront closes. None the less my heart sank when I read the news. Ricardo Levins Morales worked for 30 years overcoming one obstacle after the other, keeping the ship afloat. NPC has been a constant source of inspiration in an art world all too often consumed by greed, inflated ego’s and elitism. Against the backdrop of the art-industrial-complex Northland produced inspiring images that have become hallmarks of the progressive movement. Standing up against corporate greed is never easy, but Northland did so with grace and humor.

If your fast you can still purchase items at half price. It’s not the last chapter by any means, there is life after Northland and as Ricardo writes “we will see you on the picket line”. And that we certainly will.

We will never be disappeared.