Tuesday, September 15, 2015

BBVN Tile Mosaic Mural Workshops Dates Set

As most of you know, BBVN is working with a Tucson artist to construct tile mosaic murals on the two low walls at the intersection of the Treat Walkway and Arroyo Chico. Due to the fabulous efforts of neighbors John, Linda, Matt, and Emma Stapleton, Barbara O'Brien, Barbara Kuelbs, Justine Hernandez, Judd Ruggill, Susan Silverman, Mike Weingarten and Joan Thomas, all under the direction and expert assistance of Tucson artist Michael Schwartz, we built tiles, painted them, fired them, prepared the walls, applied thinset, and installed tiles, so that two of the wall sides are now largely complete.

We're going to turn now to the remaining sides to complete the tile mosaic mural installation! Thanks to Mary Wolfe for the donation of some beautiful tiles for this next phase! Please join us for two tile installation parties:

What: Tile installation party (north mural)
Date: Sunday October 18
Time: 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm

What: Tile installation party (south mural)
Date: Sunday October 25
Time: 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm

For both parties, please bring:
Old clothes
Rubber gloves
Hats, water, sunscreen
Any thinset tools you might have such as trowels and pans (we have some, but more is better)
A digital camera
Food and drinks
We'll supply the rest

You can just show up, or register by clicking here.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Call to Artists: Street Art Happening

As part of the Community Arts Gathering March 14-18, 2015
Hosted by the International Sonoran Desert Alliance

Grab a piece of the wall- we plan to enliven an alley between two historic warehouse buildings in the heart of the Sonoran Desert, Ajo, AZ.  With over 300 feet of wall space we will divvy it out as designs come in. Find photos of the alley at www.isdanet.org – Festivals and Events – Community Arts Gathering or feel free to come and check it out in person.

Painting to take place March 14-18, any time of day or night, with programs and audience interaction happening throughout. Artists are invited to arrive earlier than March 14th in order to get it done!
Please note that this is the first time we are doing something like this in Ajo and an excellent chance for you to gain exposure and meet other street artists, as well as community artists attending the larger Community Arts Gathering. We will be garnering resources and supplies between now and March but will not be able to secure a huge budget. We ask for your support and engagement to make this the kind of event you would not want to miss and one we can have again and again and again.

To apply:
1) Create a design using the following words as a guide – cross-culture, place, people, Sonoran Desert, Ajo, mining town; visit www.isdanet.org to learn more about the Community Arts Gathering event and its themes

2) Email the following materials to gathering@isdanet.org by January 9th, 5pm MST
  1. Mural design as a jpeg
  2. contact info
  3. short bio
  4. website (if applicable)
  5. up to 3 photos of your existing workdescribe what it will take to get you to bring your work to Ajo (i.e. supplies, stipend, etc.)
 You will receive a reply within two days and will be contacted in mid-January about coming to Ajo at which time you will be offered what compensation we can provide.

Questions? Contact Morgana Wallace Cooper at (520) 387-3570, evemorgana@yahoo.com