Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Neighborhood Murals Movement Exploding in Tucson

Bronx Wash Mural Participants

In case you've been wondering where I've been these past several months, I wanted to provide some updates. I've been working closely with the colleagues on getting the Tucson-Pima Mural Arts Program up and humming. If you've been in Tucson of late you will see a real transformation taking place, not only in the downtown development, but in the appearance of many new murals. Tucson has always been about innovation and experimentation and neighbors helping each other. This seems to be manifesting itself in a series of neighborhood beautification initiatives: landscaping, parks, water harvesting, community gardens - and now with TMAP community and neighborhood murals.  

Neighbors at an Elder Share

You can read more about these civic dialogue based murals by visiting the project blogs. This summer I worked wit the Northwest Neighborhood Association on the Bronx Wash Mural. We had some great national press for this project on the United We Serve Blog as well as Community Arts Net. Current projects include the Miracle Manor Neighborhood Mural.

Tucson loves murals and community engagement. As one of the oldest continuously inhabited places in the Americas this place is rich in folklore and tradition. This has been an extraordinarily busy fall as more and more requests come in for community based murals. So check out the project blogs, and stay tuned for lots more reporting on community arts and murals!

Presenting the Mural History Slideshow