Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Imagining a National Artists Corps

We stayed up way too late last night, enjoying the static air, dancing, speeches, cheers, students running by shouting “Happy Obama Day”, strangers hugging.

Today the work started, for me it was making advocacy calls for a National Artists Corps as outlined in the Obama Biden Arts Platform.

What is exciting about this proposal is that the structures needed to administer a National Artists Corps/ Community Artists Corps are in place. The passion, desire and talent exists to facilitate local multi disciplinary arts programs that pack a punch. We have a president-elect that understands the value and power of the arts.

I feel our greatest challenge will be to demonstrate how our
proposals can be integrated into the calls for a Conservation Corps and the creation of Green Job Training Centers. Artists are natural holistic thinkers, seeing the interconnection between all things. If necessity is the mother of invention, we in the arts are her midwifes. Community based artists in the trenches have much to contribute to this discussion and I hope many of us will be called upon as this program takes form.

I encourage readers to write their elected representatives in support of a National Artists Corps.

LOTS more to come on this subject....


BSwatcher said...

Alan Lynes said...

This is a great idea, and one I would like to see expanded. I have been thinking of a national service project, somewhat modeled on the WPA - and would like to be involved with its creation.
Alan Lynes

Tina Dickey said...

How about an International Artist Corps?
A simple solution is a sponsorship structure enabling tax-free donations to specific arts projects, with an eclectic internet network similar to, matching sponsors with artists/projects and vice versa, matching artists with schools, matching developers of artist studios/exhibition spaces with funding and artists. The less bureaucracy the better! The more international the better! The sponsorship structure could act as a clearinghouse for the training of the artist corps and to facilitate visas.
There are three big problems in America: racism, isolationism, and economic turmoil. The artists can solve all three just by doing the work they normally do with more opportunities and fewer restrictions.
Tina Dickey