Tuesday, November 6, 2007


You can post your ideas for the project on this site.

Also check back for project updates.

Here are the dates for the project:


You need not be an artists to help design and create this work of collectively produced art. This is a project open to all: Tell us your story about the Rotunda, send in images, poems and share ideas about what YOU would like to see in this project. Then come out in person and help design, then paint the project. You can come to one, two or all of the workshops.

Keep posted to this blog for;

- project updates
- to ask questions
- to post and read comments


Visual Research Information pertaining to our theme such as:
maps, historical information, photographs, magazines, doodles, drawings, paintings, poems, concepts, posters, stickers, newsletters...

What to bring: A smock, clothing you can get dirty, Photographs, images, poems, posters any creative material that best describes your experiences at the rotunda.

Journals: Each session includes time to work individually or as a group. Information in your journals is personal your own. We do ask that everyone leaves their journals from session to session to insure continuity, and fold the corner of the journal to “lock” it.

11/6 Workshop 1 Brainstorming as a group and individually:

Who you are, what you do and favorite food
How would you describe the Rotunda?
What would you like to see in this work of art?

11/13 Workshop 2 Using Drawing and Movement to Combine Ideas

Basic drawing tips
Movement based brainstorming

11/ 20 Workshop 3 Combining Ideas, Developing Design

Expressive Line
Integrating Ideas

11/27 Workshop 4 Transfer Ideas onto Artwork Surface

Working with Consensus to Integrate Ideas
Using Shapes and Forms in Drawing

12/4 Workshop 5 Transferring Ideas, Checking for Consensus .

12/11 Workshop 6 Color Theory Made Easy/ Design Adjustments

12/18 Workshop 7 Painting, Music, Food and Poetry

12/25, 1/1 No Sessions/ Holiday Break

1/ 8 Workshop 8 Painting, Music, Food and Poetry

1/ 15 Workshop 9 Painting, Music, Food and Poetry

1/22 Workshop 10 Final Touches/ Celebration

Unveiling Date Tentatively Scheduled for MLK Day January 21, Times TBA

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