Tuesday, November 20, 2007

City Harvest Mural

Artist: Michael Schwartz
© 2007 Michael B. Schwartz/ MDO Philadelphia Mural Arts Program

This community mural is a collaboration between the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society , and the Philadelphia Prison System. It is located on the health care pod at Riverside Correctional Facility in north Philadelphia. Lisa Mosca and Sharat Somashekara of PHS operate a garden complete with greenhouses at Riverside Correctional Facility and inmates have the opportunity to learn about, group and eat fresh produce. The mural is a part of the educational aspect of this nutrition initiative and depicts the growing cycles of the four seasons. Inmates will be taken to see the mural as part of the training program being coordinated by Lisa and Sharat.

Winter is depicted from inside a greenhouse, depicting hoop house/cold-frame greens like collards, kale and dried garlic's. The image reflects a contemplative, quiet environment perfect for planning a spring garden.

Spring veggie's are pushed up against the picture frame. Represented are peas, scallions, turnips,beets, carrots, radishes and strawberries. As we turn to summer we again see the green house, this time in the distance. In the foreground are abundant gardens with the popular corn and tomatoes taking front stage amidst a field of clover. Finally fall is represented, switching back to large fall chrysanthemums pushed up against the picture frame.

All images © 2007 Michael B. Schwartz/ Philadelphia Mural Arts Program

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