Thursday, December 13, 2012

CAM Updates and Changes


A note that I am merging a number of projects onto the Community Arts and Murals Blog. So far I've included 17 postings from the Collective Imprints project in Philadelphia. I think you will really enjoy the writing "It's Simple, MOVE" by Gina Renzi, director of the Rotunda, describing her experience in a workshop led by Artist Jodi Netzer. Writer Peter Richman writes his reflections of working on Collective Imprints in a masterful piece entitled "Catalysis".

Also added are the posts from a project at Wakefield Middle School in south Tucson.  The Wakefield mural is an especially important story given proposed school closures in Tucson, and the pressure for teachers and students to conform to an in increasingly constricted learning environment.

There are a number of complications in combining project blogs onto a single site, but the positives are that the many stories and projects will be combined and easy to find in one place.


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