Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More Eugene Murals

A wonderful email from pippi on January 27, 2009:
I stumbled upon your blog about murals in Oregon, and was so pleased to see so many old friends!
She shares some beautiful murals for us to enjoy.

Tibet mural - Willamette St and 15th. by Jim Evangalista

Down to Earth warehouse mural by Dan Hitchcock. This photo doesn't show all of the mural, as a truck was parked in front of it, but the picture on the truck kind of blends in with the mural and the trees behind.

Another view of Kari's deer mural

Another view of Kari's mural on 4th & Monroe. This mural has changed considerably since it was first painted. I took a picture after she first finished it years ago, but will have to scan the photo to share it.

Kari also painted this mural on the side of the Center for Appropriate Transport, located on 1st and Washington.

And if you are walking down Willamette street from the downtown to the post office, you will pass right by this mosaic mural on the side of the Hilton hotel, across from the Hult Center for Performing Arts.

And finally, there is a great article about the post office murals on the Lane
Community college website.




Dan Hitchcock said...

One of Eugene's greatest murals is on Hunky Dory's of Bob Marley and Jerry Garcia...For over ten years painted by Dan Hitchcock.

Dan Hitchcock said...

Tsunami Books has a mural that ran in news papers nationally. By Dan Hitchcock. See DanAndMaeHitchcock.com