Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Carpe Diem

I was recently contacted by new friends in Greece who are working on some interesting projects. Their work brings together Graffiti and community art to result in some amazing murals. Here is more about their work.

The Carpe Diem was established by a group of people who keep on trying to push art and techniques of alternative form of culture. This group has an active presence in Greece since 1991 in different sections, from the art of Graffiti to skate and bmx.

The spring of 2002 and through collective procedures the group obtained the legal form of an association with the distinctive title "Carpe Diem' aiming at a more completed saying and presence on this field.

The Carpe Diem's intention is to push art and techniques of an alternative form of culture like for instance: graffiti, aerographic, tattoo, the sports of bmx , skate and inline, dance and music, the road theatre.


One of the first aims of Carpe Diem is to push the culture of graffiti.

The "Carpe Diem graffiti group" was established unofficially in 1995 by the photographer Kiriakos Iosifidis and the graffiti artist Vangelis Hoursoglou (Woozy) with the intention to support fine art interventions and graffiti creations, legally, giving the artists the choice and the place to express themselves.

The group is surrounded by artists of the graffiti field from Greece and foreign countries.

The "Carpe Diem graffiti group' with the technique of graffiti and the professional artists of international validity, available by its classes, has proceeded to fine art interventions on the gray sites of the big cities. For instance the "Carpe Diem graffiti group' has made two fine art interventions with big wall paintings, one at the municipality of Taurus on Piraeus st. and another one at the Vasdekion athletic center of New Ionia municipality at Magnesia.

The festivals the Carpe Diem graffiti group' organizes are complemented with displays and completions of skateboard and bmx with music by dj's and break dance.

This is succeeded with the close cooperation the group has developed with people all over the range of those of the x-treme games.

Carpe Diem has published two books with photos from the beginning of the graffiti scene in Greece. Also Carpe Diem publishes the wellknown graffiti magazine Carpe Diem, quarterly.

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Text and images © copyright 2002 Carpe Diem and the artists.

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