Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Great Turning Conference

This October 17-20, 2007 at the Geneva Point Conference Center, Moultonboro, NH there will be a fascinating conference entitled The Great Turning: Education, Leadership and Activism for a Life Sustaining Civilization. The conference is being sponsored by the Audubon Expedition Institute of Lesley University

The conference purpose is to “pose critical questions about the challenges and opportunities we face as we work toward a life sustaining civilization, and the different ways we choose to respond to them. The conference will focus on the strategies of environmental activism and environmental education. Participants will engage body, mind and spirit in collaborative dialogue with each other and with the Earth. As we learn from this dialogue, we will explore our personal and professional commitments to act on behalf of a just and sustainable future.”

All sectors of society are involved in creating a life sustaining civilization. In addition to environmental educators, activists and students the conference is open to all citizens who want to participate in the conversation.

The keynote speaker of this unique gathering is Winona LaDuke. Michael Shellenberger, Ted Nordhaus, Bill McKibben and Musician Dana Lyons will also be participating.

There are several workshop and conference strands revolving around the themes of
Environmental Leadership, Justice, Teaching and Learning. The theme of the Great Turning asks us to consider what alternative structures and shifts in consciousness are necessary to move from an industrial era to an ecological one.

We are clearly at a historical turning point in terms of the environment. Any one who has seen the Inconvenient Truth knows this. Global climate change is here, and the time to change is now. We have the knowledge and know how to change things. So what is stopping us?

Other great conference elements include a dynamically facilitated conversation about how we are responding to environmental issues and envisioning new ways of working. (all day Thursday and Friday) – led by Jim Rough from the Center for Wise Democracy and Jim Rough & Associates, Inc.. Each evening there will be time to tell and share stories while gaining knowledge and appreciation about environmental issues and action through sharing our stories.

Finally, something I am really excited about is the Participatory Mural I have been asked to facilitate. This large scale mural will be a visual collage of the Great Turning. Using projection, creativity, and paint, we will create an artwork as a group, and record of our visions for a sustainable future. I’m asking people to bring images that inspire you to include in the design. For those of you who can’t attend feel free to e-mail me images in advance.

Conference fees:
Regular registration is only $200 for an exciting array of speakers and events over three days! Housing rates vary from $50 to $100 per night, and include all meals. For more details on fees and housing, see our website.

For more information: e-mail, or see our website at, then click the Great Turning Conference link on the left. See for more info on housing. You can also call Louisa Carl, Conference Coordinator at 207-338-5859 ex. 25.

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