Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Super Bowl Indy Murals Announced

The City of Indianapolis announced the establishment of the cities first Mural Arts Program, joining a growing list of American cities who are using the arts as a centerpiece of their community development initiatives.

Mural by Hector Duarte

“The arts play a vital role in enhancing our urban environment. The “46 for XLVI” murals will beautify our neighborhoods and are an innovative and creative way to augment the extensive infrastructure work underway across the City,” said Mayor Ballard.

The Arts Council of Indianapolis received more than 100 submissions, selected 32 finalists. Among these muralist are world-renowned muralist Hector Duarte who studied at the workshop of David Alfaro Siqueiros in 1977 before moving to Chicago where he is a Core Artist with the Chicago Public Art Group.

Other artists include Cecilia Lueza of Miami and John Domont. The arts council has assembles a talented group of mural artists whose work will beautify Indianapolis for years to come. These murals will be a great addition to a really beautiful city that loves public art and sports.

Wonder Flight by Cecilia Lueza

So be sure to tune in next February for Super Bowl 46 , maybe the half time will include a mural tour! And if you are planning on going to the game, maybe show up a few days early to enjoy a visionary American city.

Go Indy Murals!!